Josh Jacobs

Invoked by vengeance, happiness, purpose and inspiration

Invoked by vengeance, happiness, purpose and inspiration, Josh Jacobs delivers driving melodies with harmony and creative rhyming with wordplay to get his sound and message across. With his own ferocious performance style and savvy lyrics of redemption, Josh is also inspired by Eminem’s delivery, Kanye’s diversity, Kendrick Lamar’s storytelling and Florence and the Machine’s instrumentation. The self proclaimed "Son of None", uses a pen, pad, and a microphone as tools for the reconstruction of his life. Josh Jacobs harnesses those demons from within, using them as fuel to entertain with high energy and emotional performances. Combining his influences, inspirations and experiences, Josh Jacobs is an introspective son of hip hop.

Raised in East New York Brooklyn

Raised in East New York, Brooklyn, (deeply drug infested and poverty stricken) , Jacobs lived with his grandparents while his mother and father worked to support him.​ It was at this early age where he was introduced to the Urban sounds of hip hop.​ ​Due to the separation of his parents (before his birth), Josh never knew what it was like to live a "normal life"; visiting 3 to 4 different households throughout the week until his grandparents moved back to Puerto Rico and he was forced to move in with his mother. None the less, family was the most important thing to him, which made the separation of his family more daunting and lonely. Diagnosed with depression at age 10 and the presence of a new step father he resented, Jacobs was in search of an escape. He found that escape in sports, movies, and music.

Using his story as an example

Josh would go on to graduate from college with 2 degrees in Criminal Justice, but was still unsure of his ​true ​purpose. He spent most of his teenage years writing, recording, performing, and developing his skill sets from freestyle rap, to battle rap, to songwriting. It was then that he knew music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. From writing rhymes in the basement of his step father's house to performing live, Josh Jacobs continues on his quest for enlightenment while using his story as an example in helping others to better their lives.